1. What is the Little Loop on my blanket?

Have you ever lost your child's blanket on an outing?

How many times have you picked up your child's dropped blanket off the dirty floor? We knew there had to be a simple way to keep your blanket from dropping...Just slip the "Little Loop" through your stroller or car seat belt and your blanket will never fall on the floor or ground again.

2. How do I wash my Little Yellow Chick Product?

Having your Little Yellow Chick blanket last for years to come is our goal.

Made to be cared for with ease, Little Yellow Chick blankets and bibs should be washed with like colors on gentle cycle, in cold water and mild non-chlorine soap. NO fabric softener of any kind (liquid, sheets & bar included). Hang dry preferred or tumble dry LOW UNLESS otherwise noted.

**Shag fabric, La-De-Dah fabric, and Striped Lush fabric should be HUNG DRY for best results**

*Use of fabric softener or high heat cycles against manufacturers suggestion will cause fabric to become damaged, losing it's original look and feel. Please follow washing instructions carefully.

3. Can I use fabric softener or dryer sheets with my Little Yellow Chick product?

No. Please DO NOT use fabric softener of any kind (dryer sheets are fabric softener) with any of the Little Yellow Chick products.

The majority of our products are made with microfiber fabrics. This is what gives them their super soft feel. These microfiber fabrics become weighed down giving a matted look to the item and losing its original look and feel. To avoid this, please follow the washing instructions on the original hang tag.

  • Wash in Cold with mild detergent
  • No fabric softener
  • No dryer sheets
  • Do not dry in a dryer with a Dryer Bar installed
  • Shag fabric must be HUNG DRY
  • All others may be Tumble Dry LOW or Hang Dry

As a suggestion... All microfiber fabrics, even those manufactured by other companies, should avoid fabric softener (liquid, sheets & bars)

4. I have a Dryer Bar in my dryer. Can I dry my Little Yellow Chick product in my dryer?

No. Unfortunately, just like liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, the new Dryer Bar is a form of fabric softener and it will change the look and feel of your Little Yellow Chick product.

If you have the Dryer Bar installed, please HANG DRY all your Little Yellow Chick products to ensure it's look remains fabulous.

How does the Shag fabric on my blanket wash up? TOP

Beautifully! Simply follow the washing instruction as noted on the original hang tag and your Little Yellow Chick "Shag" blanket will remain fluffy. Just a note. After washing, the shag fabric looks matted....just hang to dry. Once dry, simply shake the blanket and the shag will regain it's shaggy appearance and softness.

Care Instructions:

NO FABRIC SOFTNER. This includes dryer sheets. Must Hang Dry. Do Not use DRYER Wash in gentle cycle with like colors in cold water and mild non-chlorine soap.

5. Can I get a custom-made blanket?

Sorry, but unfortunately, no. We no longer allow for custom blankets.

6. How long does it take to ship my order?

When an order is placed before 5:00 pm Pacific Time, your order will begin the shipping process. If a blanket is in stock your order should be shipped within 2-3 business days. If your order is not in stock, the item must be made first. In this case, please allow 5-7 business days prior to shipment.

After an order is received and processed, an email from admin@littleyellowchick.com will be sent informing you of the expected ship date.

Any revisions to your order must be made through email or phone contact within 24 hrs order submission.